joreneeFebruary, 2016




It’s already February and 2016 is moving right along.  WOW! Summer will be here before we blink!

Our Welcome to the New Year at Bokampers in January was a hit and we had a great turnout with our members meeting our new Board.  Thanks for all who turned out.  We’ve got all our events for 2016 pretty well planned out and they should be posted very soon on our new website with the respective Chairperson handling the event.

For those who haven’t renewed or joined for 2016, I urge you to do so RIGHT NOW.  We’ve got the Annual CE Seminar in place at the Hard Rock on March 4, 2016 and the announcement and registration should be sent out this week.  Suggest you join as a member now to take advantage of the discount savings afforded to Members.  It’s going to be a full day of CE events, breakfast, lunch and a couple snack sessions in between.  We’re offering the continuous 5 hour required Ethics Course provided by Powers, McNalis et al  and also another 5 hours of individual CE classes, all presented by speakers who will make it a rewarding and interesting day for you while earning your CE credits at the same time at a fabulous place.  Remember to check your DFS Profile and License Requirements status as you’re more than likely due for another 5 hour course!  Also, take advantage of the discounted EARLY registration fees.  And again, a free $20.00 Casino voucher to all who register and even more CASH incentives for sponsors and exhibitors this year.  Due to increased costs passed on to us by the Hard Rock, we really need your support and sponsorships this year and to help in not having to pass these expenses on to our members and make them affordable.  

Our fun event planned for this month is our Bowling Night at Sparez in Davie and if you haven’t registered, you should as soon as possible because it’s going to be a blast!! We’ve included everything you’ll need. Shoes, ball, tons of food, prizes and 2 hours of bowling all for $20.00 for members and their guests. You heard that right $20.00 for members and guests!!

The Laurie Flood Scholarship Awards for 2016 are open for submission by SFCA Members for their qualified applicants.  You must be a SFCA Member to apply and acquire these documents for these $$$ scholarships. Mail in deadline of application and required documents is May 2, 2016.  Suggest you don’t miss this opportunity.

And of course our Annual Golf Tournament to be held at Heron Bay in Parkland for April 22, 2016.  We’re back to Heron Bay for a great day of golf and celebration.  Again, it’s not something to pass up as it’s one of our most popular events.  Phyllis Staton is again the Chair and you know that means they’ll be a Party Goin On!!

Please visit and monitor our website for specific information on events.  If you’re having any problems in registering as a new member or logging on and registering for an event, please don’t hesitate to contact me direct for assistance.

Again, we cannot express enough how we THANK YOU for your participation in our association.

JoRenee Formento

2016 President